Marketplace Molester Alert

The scourge: the Black Triad
The villains: Marketplace Molesters, List Pimps & Conversational Sociopaths
The innocent: consumers of all ages
The hero: you
Your role: Tribal Seducer
Your reward: a new, fun and profitable way to win the hearts, minds and pocketbooks of thousands of raving fans

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As a business owner and marketer, there’s a very good possibility you’ve been wildly mislead, confused and digitally drugged by self-proclaimed marketing gurus who have brainwashed you into thinking that there’s only one way to market successfully.

The truth is; the way of the old internet marketing “ABC” (Always Be Closing) methodology is the path to financial suicide in today’s New Media Marketplace.

Today’s consumer is sick-and-tired of being assaulted by pathetic adolescent marketing that is clearly out for self-pleasure. The New Media marketplace with the power of Social Media has raised people’s expectations for rapport and lowered tolerance for marketplace molestation. (Isn’t that true for you?)

Your calling…

Your goal can no longer be only to “sell.” You must be guided by Profit Trinity™ Attract-Connect-Convert. And if you want to get and keep a Tribe of raving paying fans, they want to know you’re protecting them. That you are taking a stand and actively combating the Black Triad.

There is a new better way to sell today, without “selling.” the New economy and New Media marketplace demand it. Those who get it will reap the rewards no matter what the economy is doing.

This video is your invitation to join in defeating the Black Triad. And it’s your awakening to a new way to win the hearts, minds and pocketbooks of more raving PAYING fans than you can possibly imagine.

Die Black Triad! Die!

Marketplace Molesters, List Pimps, and Conversational Sociopaths… all must die a digital death.

    When you’ve run across any of the Black Triad, how did you feel?

    Will you do your part in ensuring their defeat?

    And equally as important, will you shun the path of the Black Triad, embrace the new way and be guided by the Profit Trinity™?

You can be sure it’ll be the deciding factor between your marketing generating a financial boom or bust. ;-)

JP Micek JP Micek

John Paul Micek is a co-founder of the RPM Success Group ® Inc., the leader in software, systems & coaching to double your profits in 12mos or less in the New Economy. QuanSite New media marketing software is one of those tools. He is author of the 1st published book on New Media marketing, the best seller Secrets Of Online Persuasion.

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