Seduction… It’s a word that is exciting for some. Perceived as uncontrollable or unattainable to others. And still, to other people — frightening. Yet, regardless of your current idea of seduction, you’re intelligent enough to recognize that when executed properly, it holds a magnetic power over nearly every person on earth.

Today we are saturated in the seductive. Just think about it. From film to politics, marketing to media. Seduction is always there at the root. It captures attention, it woos, and it’s enjoyable. Let’s face it; seducers wield incredible power.

Tribal Seduction is not about sex

Yet when it comes to the Tribes in the marketplace, it’s important to recognize that Tribal Seduction™ is NOT all about sex.

This is one of the big mistakes marketers and business people make, IF they even think of employing Seduction.

We’ll expose this fatal error in the early chapters of the book. But for now, just know that sex is way to obvious to work with the Tribes that exist in today’s New Media Marketplace.

And yes, you did hear that correctly. Some of what will be shared here each week will be incorporated into our next book. And you are invited to be part of that book!

A book that will answer:

  • What is the Tribal Economy?
  • How do you ID and track Tribes?
  • How do you become a courtier who gathers and seduces your own tribe of raving fans with ease?
  • … and many more questions that will be reserved only for members of the Court of Tribal Seduction™.

Marketing in this new Tribal Economy can be fun and profitable… because seduction always is!

As you read, listen to, and watch every installment of Tribal Seduction™, you will become stunned at how easy it is to ethically employ Tribal Seduction to grow your business and build your brand.

With each new article, podcast, and video you’ll agree that this Web site is one of the most innovative and ground breaking expositions of influence, persuasion, and seduction of the masses you will ever see.

  • It’s about how people act
  • How they make decisions
  • And how they buy

…Offline and online… and particularly in the New Media Marketplace.

What would your business be like if…

Can you imagine what you would learn about Online Persuasion and New Media Marketing working with thousands of business people from around the world?

Do you think your knowledge, strategies, and skills would be finely-honed if you spoke in front of audiences everywhere from Singapore to New York, Sydney to Los Angeles, and any place in between?

What if you could be personally mentored by some of the world’s leading authorities on persuasion and accomplished market movers?

It’s something we’ve done. And here we’ll pass on to you what works and what doesn’t, along with some strategies that be sure to push the envelope.

From start up entrepreneurs to Fortune-100 companies and politicians, we’ve worked with all types of people seeking to persuade others. And we’ve covered every aspect of Online Persuasion. We even wrote the book that became an underground hit, Secrets of Online Persuasion.

That book was just the beginning. It lays the groundwork for what will be revealed here, particularly about New Media Marketing. Those who have that foundation will have the mindset to immediately apply and profit from what is shared here at Tribal Seduction™. Others may need time to recover from the shocking reversal of traditional marketing practices.

Tribal Seduction™ takes the New Media exploration begun at and steps it up to a whole new level. There, over the course of 3-years, we covered many aspects of New Media Marketing. But now we are going deeper.

Never unethical… but definitely more covert.

Now, here at Tribal Seduction, we’ve assembled a team who will pull back the curtain and reveal to you the secrets of influencing, persuading, and yes… ultimately — seducing entire Tribes of raving fans for your business.

It is NOT for the faint of heart, or the weak of will. But for those brave souls wanting to step above the masses of commoners who think and act like a school of lemmings, untold rewards and riches await.

Schoolyard beatings, mob bosses, and money for nothing

I know a little about influence myself. I was raised on the streets of West New York where the ability to influence kept you from getting the crap beat out of you. Thrust into a management position in Northern New Jersey at the age of 15, I had to quickly learn how to position and persuade customers who were world-renowned doctors, business owners, and even mob bosses.

After dropping out of college to start my second business — with no tangible track record, no business plan and no degree — I had nothing but persuasion to rely on to get the $100,000 loan I needed for expansion.

Now, I’m proud to say that I’ve gone from landscaping the homes of multi-millionaires, to living the millionaire lifestyle on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii.

All thanks to simple influence and persuasion strategies. Strategies that as a courtier in the court of Tribal Seduction you are going to learn…

Now it’s your turn!

Join the Tribe here at Tribal Seduction™. Here we’ll hold court with exclusive access where you’ll learn persuasion and mass seduction secrets that many of the largest advertising houses, most successful PR firms, and the biggest online marketers are missing.

The Tribal Economy is expanding at an unprecedented rate. You can almost watch it grow, like an ice crystal on a window on a cold Winter’s day.

That growth is thanks to New Media channels like:

  • blogs
  • podcasts
  • social networks
  • and online video

But contrary to what most New Media evangelists are proselytizing, you’re going to learn how, even in this seemingly “consumer-driven” social media marketplace — you are manipulated, pre-framed, and positioned to take a narrow range of actions.

Not by the normal mass persuasion masters (yet), but by group think.

Here at Tribal Seduction™ you’ll learn how you, (as well as your customers, prospects, and ideal audience), are making decisions that are untraceable by traditional forms of marketing research. Why marketing concepts such as consumer segments, market niches, and lifestyles have become unreliable. And how you can influence the actions people take when “the consumer is in control.”

And as you’re thinking about the solution to these challenges, we’re with you!

You’re also going to learn the new invisible methods that work for winning friends and influencing the masses.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could guard yourself against unconscious group think?

And how much better would your business be doing if you could harness that very same power, and ethically use it for your benefit?

What you’ll find even more amazing is that, even now as millions of people feel like they have total control and power — they are just as out of control and just as eager to be led as any other time in history.

Consumer control” is just an illusion. The reality is surprising. And it’s much simpler to identify, dissect, and apply than you might think.

From simple, practical, hands-on coaching; to strategic analysis and guidance — you will find it here

Tribal Seduction™ is not just about you learning to market with New Media. It’s about:

  • Seducing Tribes
  • Winning their loyalty
  • And creating crowds of raving fans

Deborah, myself, and the other knights of the Tribal Seduction court invite you to join the Tribe, be part of the book, and to master the New Media Marketplace.

Register for your free subscription to the Tribal Seduction™ Journal (in the left hand corner right under the header) and you will be welcomed in as a courtier in the TS Tribe! A Tribe of business people who are “in the know.”

But be forewarned. Once you start applying what you learn, commoners outside the Tribe will try accusing you of having an “unfair advantage.” (You can just chalk that up to jealousy.)

With your free subscription, in addition to your Tribal Seduction™ Journal you’ll get:

  • Private Tribal invites to free teleseminars
  • Exclusive access to covert intelligence reports
  • Possible inclusion in our next book
  • And more!

You have nothing to lose, and your own Tribe to gain!

Scroll up to the top of the page and register now for your free subscription
to the Tribal Seduction™ Journal in the left hand corner right under the header.

John Paul Micek is a co-founder of the international business coaching company RPM Success Group ® Inc. He and his partner Deborah are authors of the hit book Secrets Of Online Persuasion. They are creators of the ONLY Web site system to put New Media to work marketing FOR you — BLOG i360™. For media contacts or speaking requests & partnering inquires, contact J.P. at []. Or, share your thoughts & comments below.

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