Secrets of Online Persuasion – Profits Love Speed

There is a new philosophy in the world of New Media: Profits love speed. What does this mean?

If you are promoting a product or your business, do it fast before the next big product comes out.  New products keep your tribe engaged. Deb and JP knew this already when they wrote the book, “Secrets of Online Persuasion” which was the first book published on New Media Marketing.

This is NancyLin, and I’m Coach Deb’s personal assistant who has access to the raw files of her NY Published book. Today, I thought I’d extend my access to you, her loyal blog readers so you can learn a few New Media Marketing Tips from the Pioneer herself in New Media by sharing brief chapters from her book.

Here’s an excerpt for you…

Secrets of Online Persuasion -  The Opportunity For Fast Acting Movers

The shakeout between the fast and the slow has already begun. The slow will fail in their feeble attempts at preserving the old ways.

It reminds me of Neo in The Matrix at the end of part one, where Neo gets on the phone and says to those controlling and manipulating what people see:

“I know now what you’re trying to do, and I’m going to let them all know.”

Now with the New Media, there is an army of Neos – hundreds of millions of change agents. They are passionate about participating in the marketplace conversation and transformation. And that strikes fear in the hearts of the entrenched institutions.

Secrets of Online Persuasion – What Does This Mean To You And Your Business?

It means it’s no longer “business as usual”. It means you can’t market, sell or manage the way you did even just three years ago.

It also means you can give yourself a tremendous competitive advantage when you understand the New Media Marketplace.

If you’re in business and you’re not already feeling these changes, you will soon enough. The New Media world of blogs, Podcasts, social networks, Wikis and more are enabling participation and connection like never before in history. If you want a head start on your competitors, it’s something you must get involved with now.

It’s not that you have to become a New Media expert. You don’t even need to blog or Podcast every day. What it does mean is that you need to be aware of the New Media Marketplace and keep track of it even if you’re not actively participating in it just yet.

Otherwise you can count on this – you will be pummeled by the whitewater of the tsunami when it hits you.

So, what makes the New Media Marketplace different? Is it really changing the way we do business from here on out?

You be the judge. Let’s check out this brave new world… shall we?

If you enjoyed this excerpt, you can get the rest of the book HERE.

Want more of Coach Deb’s books?  You can get Twitter Revolution HERE.

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