A few years ago, Coach Deb and JP Micek teamed up to produce a book called Secrets of Online Persuasion.  Here is an excerpt for your enjoyment……

The New Media Revolution

The tidal wave of cultural transformation is not coming. It has already hit.

“They are the gatekeepers. They are guarding all the doors and they are holding all the keys, which means that sooner or later someone is going to have to fight them.

I won’t lie to you Neo. Every single man or woman who has stood their ground, everyone who has fought an agent has died. But where they have failed, you will succeed.

I’ve seen an agent punch through a concrete wall; men have emptied entire clips at them and hit nothing but air. Yet their strength and their power is still based in a world that is built on rules. Because of that they will never be as strong or as fast as you can be.”

- Morpheus to Neo in the movie, The Matrix

Most people are missing it, and that’s good … for you. Because now, with the help of what we’ll be sharing with you in this book, you’ll see opportunities where your competitors and peers feel confusion and frustration.

What’s the mistake?  What are people missing?  It’s the tidal wave of cultural transformation that’s sweeping the modern marketplace – a revolution that’s happening offline, online, and everywhere in between.

It’s easy to miss.  Since this reformation of the marketplace is being powered by the New Media, it looks like it’s all about technology. And that intimidates most people. But don’t allow yourself to be fooled. It’s not about the Internet, blogs, iPods, or any other cool new tool on its own.

People, participation and persuasion are generating the Revolution.

That’s so important to your business success in the marketplace of the new millennium that it bears repeating. The New Media Revolution is about people, participation, and persuasion.

Grasp this one concept and you’ll quickly leapfrog your competitors to lead your niche in marketing, buzz, and branding.

As Seth Godin first forecasted in his 1999 book, Permission Marketing , traditional advertising and marketing through interruption is dead.  Today, despite the companies large and small who still blindly stumble along, following habitual patterns of the past, the new millennium consumer has proved Seth’s forecast to be true.

Will you follow in those same old footsteps until the reality of failure hits you? Or will you ignore the lie that others are telling themselves and profit from this exciting new marketplace?

Secrets of Online Persuasion: Captivating the Hearts, Minds and Pocketbooks of Thousands Using Blogs, Podcasts and Other New Media Marketing Tools. Get it Now!

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