You see it everywhere…. You Tube, Bright Cove, and MySpace. In-stream and overlay ads that marketers and advertising agencies count as New Media Marketing. Don’t give me that crap! That’s not New Media — especially when those overlays auto-open in the middle of a video. That’s the same old marketplace molestation on a new channel.

Not New Media Marketing
Christine Beardsell in a recent article The next Step in Online Video Marketing raises an interesting point, (and even more cutting question.)

“YouTube, Hulu, Joost, Brightcove, and endless other content providers are seeking fast, scalable advertising models. Now, with announcements from companies like FreeWheel, such interruptive models (in-stream video and overlay ads) will soon prevail.

The question: where do real conversations fit into these models? Sure, we can now market a car racing show within (or on top of) a video about cars, but what about the interactivity and conversations we keep hearing about?”

Now you guys and gals already know my thoughts on conversations. I feel like pulling a Bill Clinton circa 1992 whenever I here that word related to New Media and saying “It’s the CONNECTIONS stupid!” Conversations without connection are useless if your goal is to build a Tribe.

But that fine point aside, Christine hits the mark here in identifying the next freight train of pain to hit advertisers, marketers, and PR pros trying to use New Media Marketing.

Old school marketplace molester tactics will not do!

Online marketers better get the new rule book for the game. Or they should plan to get booted out of the game altogether, (at least the profitable end,) very soon.

Winning at the game of New Media Marketing has a new set of requirements. Whether you’re a mega marketing firm, PR agency pumping out promos for your clients, or an eager online entrepreneur fighting to build your business, expect to give extra:

- Attention to strategy
- Creativity in production
- Attention to emotional connection

These are the basic requirements. These are what will create, as Christine says so well, “experiences people want to seek out, rather than click away from.”

You do as your Tribe does

If you want to attract a Tribe, instead of trick the “herd” — then start to think about what YOU do online. Think about your natural actions and activities when it comes to developing your New Media Marketing strategy… instead of what “experts” write about in magazines or “gurus” tell you in emails that end up in your Spam filter.

Side note: In the last month or two we’ve been so busy with traveling, software and course development that I’ve admittedly (and quite obviously) neglected sharing insights and thoughts here at Tribal Seduction. But when I cam across Christine’s article and shared my thoughts with several clients I heard the same thing — “why don’t you share that type of stuff at Tribal Seduction?”

Well those comments opened my eyes to the fact that not everything has to be a major article or video to have a helpful impact. Short posts and commentary can make a big difference in helping improve the sales and marketing efforts of the group we’re so passionate in helping — business owners.

I will be doing my best to heed the advice of those wise men and women and open up my 3lbs. of gray matter in a more “free flow” format here from now on. It’s a long road to recovery, but I’m on my way. :)

John Paul Micek is a co-founder of the international business coaching company RPM Success Group ® Inc. He and his partner Deborah are authors of the hit book Secrets Of Online Persuasion. They are creators of the ONLY Web site system to put New Media to work marketing FOR you — BLOG i360™. For media contacts or speaking requests & partnering inquires, contact J.P. at []. Or, share your thoughts & comments below.
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