New Media Marketing - independence day

Freedom. What does it mean to you?

Your answer can mean the difference between success, failure, or the hellish purgatory of mediocrity that lies between.

For me, as I look out at the Hawaiian blue Pacific Ocean, preparing to head down to the beach with Deb and the dogs — answering what freedom is — that’s simple. At least when it comes to the freedom America was founded on.

It means being free OF (excessive gov’t control) as much as it’s freedom FROM (laws and rights afforded by our Constitution.)

It’s the ability to live life, under liberty & for the pursuit of happiness. Something that as an active entrepreneur since age 12, I’m passionate about.

America is the greatest country on earth. Just think about how many souls around the world for the last 232 years have fought, dreamt, prayed, and given up everything to one day have the privilege to enjoy the same basic freedoms afforded to us. Likewise, ponder how many men and women have fought and died to protect our freedom.

Unlimited opportunity…

There is unlimited opportunity here in the U.S., no matter what the mainstream media & political demagogs try to feed us in hypnotic soundbites.

Yes! Unlimited opportunity — as BIG as you can dream.

But therein lies the danger of today. This country is only as great as the dreams of its people — NOT its politicians.

Freedom is YOUR power…

Instead of looking to the government and politicians to “save” us, “change” our lives and powder our asses — we need to step up and realize the power to do all that and more is in OUR hands.

Giving away that self-sufficient, confidence-building, success-generating power is the most grievous mistake you can make.

Each of us has been created with unique talents, potent skills, and life-impacting gifts.

Yet reliance on hand outs and tolerance of excessive laws that suppress our freedoms squash those gifts. They cause you to live small, doing little for yourself… and even less for those around you.

Our founding fathers knew that freedom OF excessive gov’t control and freedom FROM the rights afforded by our Constitution were the freedoms that count most. So much so they fought the most powerful empire on earth at the time and won. They then established a governmental system that the world has never seen before.

No matter where you live…

What are you doing with the freedoms afforded you? For yourself? For your family? For those people whose lives you’re called to impact in a positive way?

We need more people who are willing to inspire others to follow their dreams. To reach for the stars instead of reaching for government or any politician to hand out what THEY feel you deserve.

On this 232nd birthday of America…

- What does freedom mean to you?
- What are you proud of creating through that freedom?
- How are you going to use the gift of freedom to better your own life and the lives of everyone you touch?

John Paul Micek is a co-founder of the international business coaching company RPM Success Group ® Inc. He and his partner Deborah Micek are authors of the hit book Secrets Of Online Persuasion, and creators of the BLOG i360™ New Media Marketing Site Creater.
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