In July of 2007 we were asked to be judges in the Project Blogger contest for the #1 Social and professional network for Realtors, real estate brokers and other real estate professionals — Active Rain. Instead of a boring written summary of the judging we decided to do a video overview with detailed explanation of our rankings with LOTS of free New Media coaching included.

The coaching advice on this page in TIMELESS!

No matter what the date is when you’re visiting this page it is PACKED with over 45-minutes of tips, strategies and coaching for maximizing your New Media Marketing and optimizing Online Persuasion to boost your profits no matter what industry or niche you may be in.

Enjoy! ;-)

We’re honored to be the judges for the 14th and final week for the Active Rain Real Estate Network’s Project Blogger contest. And we’re thrilled to have these reviews here as one of our first posts here at Tribal Seduction™ after moving over from

What you’ll find here is much more than just judging results. We’ve compiled nearly an hour of video, packed with New Media Marketing coaching and Tribal Seduction strategies. PLUS, we’ve even had transcripts created for you of the videos.

This truly is more of an online New Media Marketing guide than the results of a contest.

As you watch each video and read every word of the transcripts, you’ll be amazed at how simple it really can be to market effectively with New Media. Blogs, podcasts, social networks, online video… they all can work for you if you avoid the traps laid out by many blogging and New Media evangelists.

The online persuasion and Tribal Seduction™ strategies revealed in this video series will help the Project Blogger contestants, and other real estate bloggers from Active Rain too. And it doesn’t stop there!

New Media marketers, business bloggers, sales professionals… just about any business person looking to effectively market online, beginner or advanced, will see how to make their Web site work hard for them. You’ll see how to not just get results with other bloggers. But more importantly — with Tribe members who are most likely to become your clients, customers, and raving fans!

How the videos are organized

The videos cover the final week’s rankings from #7 to #1, in David Letterman countdown style. You obviously can jump around out of order. But do yourself a favor and be sure to watch each video.

We reveal practical New Media Marketing, online persuasion, and Tribal Seduction strategies in every video! Simple strategies that are so powerful you’ll want to apply them immediately on your own site!

Before starting the video series, download the PDF of the final week’s Project Blogger rankings. It reveals the ratings of each contestant in ten areas that are critical for online persuasion and seduction of your Tribe.

And remember to grab the PDF transcripts by clicking HERE!

Ready? Let’s roll!

PART 1: Intro and overview of judging criteria used for the final week of the Project Blogger contest

PART 2: Review of #7 and #6 spots

In this video you’ll see how #7 & #6 did based on online persuasion criteria. You’ll learn what may be missing from your Web site or blog… and how to make it right!

PART 3: Review of #5 and #4 spots

In this video you’ll begin to learn some of the secrets of Tribal Seduction. You’ll see what the realtor bloggers in #5 and #4 did right, what was missing, and how you can avoid the same mistakes they made!

PART 4: Review of the #3 spot

In this video you’ll see what the blogging team in the #3 spot had that no other contestant did? Add this one component to your site or blog and you will have one of the most important components for online and off-line marketing success.

PART 5: Review of the #2 runner-up position

The final week’s runner up shows what happens when you combine creativity + passion + a consistent New Media Marketing strategy. Watch and see the ideas you can get to attract more visitors to your site. And learn what one visitor limitation you need to respect if you’re going to get people to take the action you really want.

PART 6: The winners!

The #1 ranking team for week 14 shows nearly perfectly how online persuasion and New Media work to create Tribal Seduction for true marketing power.

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