We all know proof sells by building trust. You can provide proof in the form of words, pics & testimonials. But when it comes to proof, nothing has more of an impact than your ACTIONS!

And there’s a certain type of action that wins you a Tribe of Loyals who stick by you through thick-and-thin… even in the tough New Economy we’re all facing. It’s a level of committed action that bonds you and your Tribe together.

Let’s have a quick meeting on the beach & you’ll see what I mean:

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Now this doesn’t necessarily mean going out and getting in actual physical duels or fights for your Tribe, industry or niche. That probably wouldn’t be good for business unless your Tribe is fans of UFC (Ultimate Fighting) or WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment)… or the Jerry Springer show. LOL!

Seriously though! How many of us really go out into the marketplace and get bloody for our Tribe. Standing up for the rights of Loyals of our Tribe or our Tribe as a whole. Taking the arrows leading the charge on a topic, cause or opportunity affecting our Tribe.

A practical example of getting bloody for your Tribe…

Listen… to survive and succeed in business in the New Economy it takes more exceeding of expectations & delivering an outstanding quality of product or service. That’s a basic expectation that must be met. More importantly, there’s no “blood on your face” and hence no emotional bonding. One simple way to get both is to advocate for the rights and needs of your Tribe.

For example, I’m vigilant in advocating for the rights of small business owners with state and Federal government. I take action not just because I’ve been an entrepreneur since starting my  first business at age 12; but because I know we as a group are in the cross-hairs of the looters in office.

I’m passionate about revealing the path to prosperity, which is now contrary to common consensus. I don’t care if I turn off some who “don’t get it.” Their opinion doesn’t matter to me. I only care for the Small Business owners and solopreneurs who battle to overcome barriers carelessly thrown in their way on a daily basis… and any entrepreneur who knows me knows I’m willing to “get bloody” doing that.

How do you get bloody for YOUR Tribe?

Realize this truth — people may buy from a good marketer or salesperson. But they will only stand loyaly behind a leader in good times and bad. And a leader has to be willing to get bloody and risk broken bones.

  • How have you gotten bloody for your Tribe in the past? Could you do it again? Or maybe even on an ongoing basis?
  • What are you doing to go beyond boring words to prove yourself to your Tribe?
  • What could you do to win the trust of more members of your Tribe turning them into Loyals?

Share your experiences, thoughts & ideas in some graffiti in the comment area below. Let the tribe know what you’re willing to do to win their loyalty. ;-)

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