Secrets of Online Persuasion — New Media Marketplace

What’s going on in the New Media Marketplace is a digital reflection of what’s going on in the real world. At the heart of this is an interactive, dynamic where insight and innovation are front and center. Creative ideas on how to develop new products, policies and services are what are driving the marketplace.

This new Marketplace can be summarized in one word, “caput.” That is Latin for “head.” From that word comes the word we know as capitalism. So, out of the head comes creation, information, education and wealth.

Capitalism is about private creation and ownership for the common good. It doesn’t work unless what you’re creating serves some kind of need or provides a solution. Thus, if you are not serving the greater good, you will fail. This is the opposite of a socialist system where everything is supported regardless of its validity.

Information, Education And Wealth

Anyone can create information. And if it’s valuable information and it makes an impact, it becomes education. But only if it solves problems, removes pain, or increases pleasure does it bring wealth.

Not everyone who recognizes the New Media Revolution will make money in the marketplace. Some will contribute information, some will educate, but a precious few – the ones who truly understand how the New Media Marketplace works – will be able to generate wealth from it. Only those who can create, converse, and deliver value will do profit from the marketplace.

That’s the main driver for you as an entrepreneur, business owner, sales professional or marketer entering into the New Media Marketplace. Create through participation, converse with your ideal audience, and deliver value.

Doing this successfully requires a shift in your mindset, but it can be done. If I can do it, anyone can. LOL! (That’s laughing out loud in “Internet speak”.)

To learn more…..

Secrets of Online Persuasion: Captivating the Hearts, Minds and Pocketbooks of Thousands Using Blogs, Podcasts and Other New Media Marketing Tools

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