First Tweetup in TV History was held on Wednesday, January 21, 2008 when Deborah Micek (Aka: Coach Deb) was interviewed by Andy Bumatai on his TV Show about Twitter and Social Media with two other guests, Arleen Anderson and Lincoln Jacobe.

The book Andy Bumatai referenced on the show was Twitter Revolution found directly on Amazon.

Part 1 from TV show
Andy Bumatai introduces “Social Media” to the audience and relates it to current events.

Part 2 from TV Show -
Where Guests are introduced & the discussion begins!

Part 3 from TV Show -
Where @AlohaArleen & @CoachDeb begin to debate about what Seduction really is (and is NOT):

Part 4 from TV Show -
When guests gave business owners tips on how they can use Twitter for business & marketing:

It got a little heated on the Andy Bumatai set when @AlohaArleen said she begged to differ with @CoachDeb and stated, “I don’t want to seduce my audience.”

New Media Marketing with Coach Deb

Here’s a “behind the scene shot” of the studio.

NOTE: Deborah Micek couldn’t bring the Twitter Revolution book on the set b/c of the green screen the TV show was filmed in front of. Since the cover of the book was green it woulda looked funky with the background pouring through!

You’ll find more behind the scenes shots to see how the production was put together, and some of the LIVE audience members there for the LIVE Tweetup on Deborah Micek’s Facebook profile.

But back to the debate… Who doesn’t want to charm and seduce their audience? Now it’s your turn to get in on the debate. What have you learned from this blog about Tribal Seduction? And what would you say to someone who doesn’t get it yet?

Perhaps you’re a student from the Tribal Seduction Course, and you know even more about what Seduction really is and is not. Share your thoughts about seducing your audience (as opposed to the typical old-school marketing slam and spam strategies used) in the comment section below.

How would you describe Tribal Seduction in business to someone who is unfamiliar with this new form of marketing in the 21st Century?

Author: Deborah Cole Micek
Social Media Strategist
AKA: @CoachDeb on Twitter

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