How to Stop Copyright Violators

When you’re out there in the New Media marketplace, working hard to grow your Tribe, you’re sharing a lot of valuable information. In some cases it’s free content you want passed along. In other cases it’s digital products that people have to pay to access.

In either case, there are morons out there who will try to steal your content. Some of these mental midgets will pass along part (or all) of your work and take full credit for it. Then there are thieves who will try to steal your product by repackaging and selling YOUR digital products.

The first is copyright infringement, intellectual theft. The second is online burgularly. It’s no different than stealing money out of your wallet.

Today we’re going to look at some very simple, very effective actions you can take to protect yourself against copyright infringement and online theft.

In this video report you’ll learn:

  • What you can do to protect yourself against copyright infringement?
  • Who is responsible for tracking it?
  • How you can find if your material is being stolen?
  • What to do if you find somebody stealing your material?

So that’s how you protect yourself against online theft and copyright infringement. It’s something that we all deal with, in new media marketing with blogs, podcasts, and online video. And you have to be especially diligent if you have digital products.

Protect yourself, take the basic steps covered in the video and “How To Stop Online Content Thieves” PDF Transcript. Put them into action today. Or at least have your assistant doing the monitoring on a daily or weekly basis, and you’ll be protected at least at a base level.

If you have additional resources to recommend, or a story about online content theft, share it in a comment below.

Resources mentioned in the video

“How To Stop Online Content Thieves” PDF Transcript

Word Template for Copyright Infringement letter to ISP:

ISP look-up service:

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998:

Service to help you search for copies of your page on the Web:

Info on Ebay’s VeRO program:

Google Alerts:

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