big brother on your own new media marketing site

Big Brother is good… when YOU are Big Brother on your own site. :)

Ever wonder exactly what visitors do when they land at your site? What they’re looking at and clicking on? How they’re moving around?

Knowing the answers is the only way you can fine tune your site layout, links, sign-up forms… anything that is interactive on your site! It’s the only way to refine your New Media Marketing skills and become a truly effective Tribal Seducer. And that takes a takes a little bit of Big-Brother-like watching.

But data will only put money in your pocket when it’s easy, intuitive and actionable!

Good news is you don’t need a complicated expensive tracking system to get the info you need. And it’s really simple too. You can even get started for free! All when you use the powerful visual-based analytics service called Crazy Egg.

When you’re marketing with New Media every single visitor counts.

Tracking visitor movement on your site, especially your home and sales pages, is essential for optimizing your profits. It’s true whether you have a regular blog or a BLOG i360 New Media Marketing site.

Up till now a lot of the on-site tracking solutions out there have been cumbersome at best. (Downright useless in their eye-blurrying complexity at their worst.) :P

Crazy Egg is a simple solution for optimizing your site and your marketing, New Media or otherwise.

We’ve been testing Crazy Egg on several of our sites blogs and the results have been very helpful. I’m going to share some examples from a 14-day test we ran on the 1st page of the BLOGi360 sign up process so you can see how much insight you can gain from this tool.

Let’s take a look at some things Crazy Egg can do for you…

Once you’ve setup a page tracking campaign and start playing Big Brother, you’ll have several ways to slice-and-dice visitor actions. You can choose from different views that give you different info.

We’ll start with Crazy Egg’s newest view called Confetti.

Confetti view

new media marketing crazyegg - confetti view

In the image above you see colored dots. Each one represents

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