Brand You!

Brand New You!

Are you ready for a Brand New You in the New Year?

Are you ready to go BIG TIME in ‘09?

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When people see or hear your name, what instantly comes to their mind? Do you know? Do your clients know your niche/speciality and how you can help them best? If not – the time is now to get that laser focused message across in a big way for the new year. Who’s with me?

I thought it was easier to share my thoughts via video of a major distinction I made in 2008 that has catapulted me for going Big Time in ‘09. My wish for you is to make similar distinctions so you can go Big Time in ‘09!

I’ve met so many wonderful people this year on Twitter and all the different places I spoke throughout the year, that I wanted to set up something special for the followers/fans/friends who’ve asked me for a private coaching session to help them with their brand, their business and their goals.

Since I’m in the giving spirit – you get to take advantage of crazy low private coaching rates and grab them now before the New Year is up, and before the clock strikes midnight. I’m looking to Coach 12 phenomenal business women and a few good men who know 2009 is his/her year. If that’s you – you’ll especially love this video and this post, because you get the opportunity to lock up a consulting session (or two) at crazy holiday rates. (Yes, I’ll honor this special for current private coaching clients as well – since it’s a limited offer and time for these sessions.)

Normally I don’t do single 30-minute coaching sessions, but I’m in the holiday spirit, and wanted to give my followers what they’ve been asking for. So – you’ll find a quickie coaching session is available as an option along with a special 60 minute session rate, if you want to go long. I even included a special “6-pack” if you’re a heavy “success drinker“.

Grab these New Year Coaching specials now – before JP Micek discovers what I’ve done, and takes this post down!

NOTE: I can only meet with about 5-7 people from here to the new year, but you can still lock in the rate today, and then Deborah Carraro (our new business manager) will schedule your session for mid-late January – depending on when your order comes in. Just call her up after you’ve grabbed what you need using the links below and she’ll call you back when she’s in the office in the order the calls and orders are received.

Office line: (415) 723-9715

Deborah Micek is a co-founder of the international business coaching company RPM Success Group ® Inc. She and her partner John Paul are authors of the hit book Secrets Of Online Persuasion. They are creators of the ONLY Web site system to put New Media to work marketing FOR you — BLOG i360™. Also known as “The Twitter Queen” she co-authored the first published book on Twitter, available now in bookstores everywhere: “Twitter Revolution” Grab your copy now on Amazon and get the edge on the hottest social network!

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