Whether you are marketing online or off-line, marketing with New Media or old media — honesty is critical to your sales success. Denying the facts will get you nowhere. Actually in today’s New Media Marketplace with the unbridled power of Social Media; denial will get you creamed!

So what’s the answer to effectively marketing an imperfect product in an imperfect world?

Watch this quick video and find out. I filmed it myself while driving home in Hawaii so the camera angle is off in some parts — but the topic and tips are so good I decided to publish it and give you a good laugh at the same time as a good profit-boosting strategy.

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So there you have it, even in the video you see imperfection is not something you need to hide.

What’s your take?

  • Have you ever felt like you had to deny an imperfection in your product or services?
  • How do you feel when a Marketplace Molester or List Pimp tries to tell you you’re just imagining things?
  • How could you “frame” imperfections in a way that actually grows your Tribe?

Share your thoughts in some graffiti in the comment area down below. ;-)

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