What if I were to personally introduce you to someone who started online with only a few hundred dollars in hand and was able to quit his job less than six weeks later. Do you think you could learn something from that person?

Well, author Frank Rumbauskas is the man I’d like to introduce you to. Three years ago he went from being a typical salesman stuck hammering out the usual corporate grunt work . . . to become a New York Times AND Amazon #1 Bestselling author with his book “Never Cold Call Again: Achieve Sales Greatness Without Cold Calling.”

Now finally, he has released his follow-up to that killer Bestseller with the brand new “Never Cold Call Again Online Playbook.” Even though it’s $13, to just call it a “book” is kind of a disservice though. It’s more like an Internet Marketing course I’ve seen other Internet Marketing “gurus” charge $2,000 for at events.

That’s the reason I felt compelled to write this book review.

First a little more about me, Frank & our common mission against “the evil ones” . .

JP Micek Frank Rumbauskas Armando MontelongoI want to disclose up front that I am friends with Frank. I met him on a cruise several years ago, and I have spent many hours drinking good wine and smoking awesome cigars with him.

One of the big reasons Frank and I have spent the time together we have is because we share the same opinions about many things. One of them being the shame that some Internet Marketing hucksters have brought upon the words “selling” and “marketing.”

Many today, especially those in “Social Media,” would like to point one big finger blindly at ALL marketers and sales people and shout “danger!” Instead of identifying Marketplace Molesters, List Pimps and Conversational Sociopaths for who they are, these Social Media Gurus promote trite little sayings like “start connecting” as a formula for success.

Dangerous stuff! Downright evil when you consider most of those “experts” still hold down full time jobs while spreading their “advice” on successful marketing.

FACT: connection without conversion is useless! It’s true in business AND in your personal life. (Ever go on a date without one person saying “yes”? And no one in business makes a dime off connections, it’s “yes” that makes you money.)

The fact is that our world would be the Dark Ages without the commerce created in the free market by entrepreneurs, marketers and sales professionals.

The reason I mention this is that far too many entrepreneurs have neutered themselves when it comes to marketing and selling. This is especially true online.

When you combine this with the fact that many business people have been fed a load of crap by supposed “marketing gurus” selling success while still living in an apartment or working 100+ hours per week, you have a recipe for failure. No wonder why so many people trying to market online stumble, fail and give up.

And that’s why Frank’s new book Never Cold Call Again Online Playbook is SO welcome. Frank is the real deal. I’ve seen his lifestyle. I know he walks the talk. He has built a real online business helping real working people achieve real success. And now he’s sharing how you can start down the same path yourself . . . in a $13 paperback book!

Who’s the “Never Cold Call Again Online Playbook” for?

It’s for newbies, novices and marketers even with moderate experience.

If you’re new to marketing online … if you’ve been marketing online for a while now but falling short of the results you want … if you know there really are no shortcuts to millions, but that there ARE shortcuts to understanding, mastery and confidence (all of which lead to success) — then this book is for you.

Never Cold Call Again Online Playbook — the good, the bad & the ugly

Never Cold Call Again Online Marketing Playbook In Clint Eastwood’s classic Spaghetti Westerns he had a knack for making things simple. The movie The Good, The Bad & The Ugly is a perfect example. I find that formula is a fun way to find the true value in things like a book.

The Good . . .

Frank does an excellent job of

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