Plurk, Jaiku, All New Media marketing channels. Services that are trying to topple the king of the micro-blogging hill — Twitter. But they’re all falling short. And understanding why they’re failing will help you attract, grow and protect your business — no matter whether you’re selling widgets in Peoria or downloads worldwide.

New Media marketing with Twitter

See — it’s not just the Twitter API or its coding that is insulating Twitter.

Nope! Far from it.

And it’s not all the cool apps that have been built around Twitter (like Summize, Twemes, Twhirl, etc.) They help solidify Twitter’s position. But they’re all actually a RESULT of Twitter’s leadership, not the cause of it.

The reason Twitter still stands as the top choice for the #1 choice of micro-blogging for New Media marketing goes much deeper than coding, apps or APIs.

It’s all about seduction…

Three Tribal Seduction™ principles keeping Twitter at #1

Let’s take a look at the real reasons for Twitter’s current ability to fend off all comers, and see how you can apply these lessons in your own business.

1) Fantasy (or “story”)

New Media marketing with the Twitter bird

Twitter, Tweets, the Twitter Fail Whale and the entire cast of cartoon-like characters in Twitterland — they all make using Twitter fun. It’s engaging and entertaining.

It’s a fantasy land where you can make up your own stories.

2) Insider language

If you use Twitter you’ve probably grown accustomed to using terminology like Twemes, TwitCast, TwitAholic, follow, @, DM’s, and more.

It’s an environment we can escape into using a language that “outsiders” just don’t understand. That’s key in Tribal Seduction for the same reason it’s key to the power of cults. It makes members of the Tribe

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