Many “Social Media experts” spout the talking point that if you “align your personality with your brand” you’ll sell like gang-busters. But is Social and New Media marketing about revealing your personality? Or is this advice a recipe for disaster?

Personality and a personal brand are two very different things. And once again, as we discussed with Social Media Profit Killer #1, understanding the difference will either rip the heart out of your business, or put more money in your pocketbook.

The Personal Brand quagmire

Marketing with New Media relies on a strong personal brand. No getting around that. In fact, it’s a requirement to win in today’s marketplace; online or off-line.

Everyone knows:

  • If you don’t stand out
  • If you ride the middle of the road
  • If you don’t create a strong presence

… you’re doomed to mediocrity at best.

Presoanl brand quagmire when marketing with New Media But many of the same people chanting the “authenticity is a currency” mantra are also advising that you align your brand with your personality. And by doing that you’ll magically “maximize your every social media interaction.”

That may be true for those who have a naturally magnetic persona. But what about the rest of us? What if we have “flaws” in our persona or personality?

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