Tribal Marketing for dollarsYesterday @TerryBean asked a question via twitter that many entrepreneurs worry themselves sick over (and thereby hamstring their success), not just on Twitter, but on many Social and New Media Marketing channels.

Terry asked; “Do you worry about losing followers? If so do you think you lose them from not tweeting enough or tweeting too much?”

My multi-Tweet reply addressed a core issue WAY more important than too few or too many updates. I answered Terry:

  • Msg 1 “If your not strong enough to turn some people off, you’ll NEVER be strong enough to attract a Tribe of true Loyals (cont)”
  • Msg 2 “You need to establish your Persuasive Selling Platform – then stand boldly on it. Too many/few Tweets is least of concerns. ;-)

My first statement there got picked up and used by Ken Burbary in a post yesterday discussing unfollow tools and their impact: “Twitter: Unfollow me, it’s not personal.” Ken correctly touches on the fact that Twitter has a “culture.” But that point has much larger ramifications to the way you do business. In fact; emotions and interactions tangled up in “culture” is the entire basis for Tribal Marketing.

Unfollows will never hurt you, but beating yourself with sticks will break your business bones

“Twitter culture” is no different than any other human interaction, online in New Media or off-line face-to-face. People with jobs dabbling in Social and New Media to gain friends and “converse” can afford to get sucked into a never-ending downward spiral of narcissistic analysis.

But for entrepreneurs, marketers and business owners; analysis of this type without a benchmark or platform against which to judge reactions creates

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