Selling more, personal brand, persuasive selling platformOn February 28, 2009 an American icon passed away. He left us with years of his wit and wisdom, but his most important lesson for business owners was hidden behind the veil of the new style of radio program he created.

This sales-boosting and brand-building secret was summed up in one simple statement. And in that statement is all you need to be focused on ALL day, EVERY day to sell and grow your business most effectively.

First… the man behind the wisdom

I’ll share the statement in a moment, but to fully appreciate and apply it you first need to know a little more about the man behind the wisdom.

The man was Paul Harvey, host of the famous “The Rest of the Story” radio show. With the unique format of his radio show, Paul entertained AND sold like none before. He had a strategy and system that perfectly complimented his “folksy” personal brand.

He was known for the catch phrase he used at the beginning of his programs,”Hello Americans, I’m Paul Harvey. You know what the news is, in a minute, you’re going to hear … the rest of the story.” The last item of his broadcast, which was often a funny story, would usually be preceded by “For what it’s worth.” And he always ended, “Paul Harvey … Good day.”

At the time of his death he was arguably the most famous radio personality in America with his show syndicated on over 1,200 stations. And right up until his death he was still doing his show and selling products… and even vaulting unknown brands into national prominence. (Think Bose)

Paul Harvey’s career was not without controversy though. He publicly took strong political positions, advocated for the Vietnam War, and was fiercely critical of political and other public figures.

The strategies

Yes, as you see — Paul Harvey practiced all the elements of Tribal Seduction:

A strategy and system built around his Personal Brand (Persuasive Selling Platform)

  • He was transparent letting his persona and personal views shine through without shame (invaluable to gathering a tribe of true Loyals)
  • Paul chose (and stuck with) the communication channel that best suited his Persuasive Selling Platform
  • He chose the communication channel that provided the best access to his Tribe (primarily Baby Boomers and older)


But what’s that one statement that encapsulates all you need to be focused on ALL day, EVERY day to market most effectively?

It comes from a passing comment Paul Harvey made to Dan Kennedy backstage at a Peter Lowe event. it is this:

Selling is simple if it’s proceeded by trust.”

This simple statement defined Paul Harvey’s position with his Tribe. they would buy the bed or radio or vacuum or vitamin or insurance he recommended simply because HE recommended it.

If there is a “secret” to selling, THIS is it. This is the position you must aspire to. To be so trusted that your Tribe will listen to your advice; to buy what you recommend.

What are you working on today?

With the power of Social Media and New Media we all have the power to reach our target audience easier and cheaper than ever before. And with the unfair advantage given to you with the Tribal Seduction Marketing-for-Life Program you have the ability to attract and grow your own Tribe of raving fans (Loyals) who will stick with you (and buy from you) for life!

But at the crux of the Tribal Seduction system is trust. It’s about honesty and congruence with a refined Personal Brand. And THAT is what so few business owners spend time on day-to-day.

So the question is; are you busy spending more time:

  • Working on techie tasks in your business?
  • Just going through the motions of “networking” because it’s what you’re “supposed” to do (or because “everyone else is doing it”)
  • Or working to creating a bond of true trust, focused on building rapport (the precursor to trust)

Most business owners earning 7-figure incomes do it by becoming persons of influence with a specific chosen audience. The selling of an abundant quantity of products or services to produce the desired income is then — as Paul put it — “simple.”

What are your thoughts?

Leave your thoughts in some graffiti down in the comment area below. ;-)

John-Paul Micek is a co-founder of the entreprenuerial development company RPM Success Group® Inc. He and his partner Deborah Micek are authors of the hit book Secrets Of Online Persuasion, and creators of the BLOG i360™ New Media Marketing Hub Site Software.
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