What is Tribal Seduction™?

You know how politicians, media and the entertainment industry do such a good job at attracting attention and selling themselves or their products?

Well, Tribal Seduction™ does the same thing for business owners.

Tribal Seduction™ is a simple doctrine and set of supporting formulas that helps you effortlessly build trust and rapport, boost sales, and create crowds of raving fans.

It’s based on the fact that like-minded individuals gather together in bands, clans and tribes around common beliefs and experiences. While that may seem obvious to some people, the hidden fact is that these tribal groups are not doing this on their own.

Leaders who understand how to influence and persuade masses of people are orchestrating their coming together. They are positioning themselves to profit at the head of these bands, clans and tribes. And the great thing is — it’s really quite simple to do once you understand the Tribal Seduction™ doctrine and have the right foundation.

Business owners and marketers that get this are making more money. They’re making it more fun for themselves and their tribe. But most of all — they’re making big bucks by seducing, not selling.

Why seduction? Doesn’t that just have to do with sex?

Seduction is the most subtle, elusive, and effective form of power. But seduction is not just for your personal relationships. Tribal Seduction™ is as evident in Ronald Reagan’s and John F. Kennedy’s ability to move masses as it is in Oprah’s mesmeric hold over women.

Tribal Seduction™ is a centuries-old methodology for attaining power and real-world results in many areas of life. And today in business, it’s a strategy that applies more than ever. Boosting profits and cash flow in today’s interactive New Media Marketplace demands a return to this engaging and more personal form of marketing and sales conversion.

Is seduction manipulation?

Like the "Code of Chivalry" medieval Knights lived by, Tribal Seducers must also adhere to a code. Only the select few who follow the Tribal Seduction™ Code will be able to effectively execute the CHARM Formula™. They will reap the rewards reserved only for Tribal Seducers in today’s marketplace. Those who break the code are doomed to the life of a Marketplace Molester.

The Tribal Seduction™ Code is based on three millennium of stories of successful seduction. These are seductions that moved nations to war, shifted power, and literally changed the world. We encourage you to use the following Tribal Seduction™ Code to base your own personal code of conduct on.

The rewards are waiting in today’s New Media Marketplace for those select people willing to step up to the role of a Tribal Seducer. Higher profits, bigger client lifetime value, customers who become raving fans… and best of all – the winner’s lifestyle for you and your family.

Read, commit, act and enjoy! ;-)

Commit to the Code, Be the Hero for Your Tribe…

The Tribal Seduction™ Code

    Excellence: I will seek excellence in my niche, industry and in all endeavors expected of me as a Tribal Seducer. I commit to having that excellence reflect in all my communications, conversions and products.

    Strength: I will seek power and influence to be used in service to my Tribe. I understand that through that service I ensure my own personal gain.

    Justice: I will seek the path of ‘right’ always. I will deliver what I promise, and I will seek to right the wrongs inflicted by Marketplace Molesters and other evil-doers.

    Loyalty: I will be known for unwavering commitment to my Tribe. I realize there are many places where compromise is expected; but I know loyalty is not among them.

    Defense: As an ideal Tribal Seducer I swear by oath to defend my Tribe against the Black Triad. I will always seek to defend my nation, my family, and those I believe worthy of loyalty.

    Courage: I understand that by choosing to be a Tribal Seducer I am choosing a different path. I understand that this requires a higher level of personal commitment than other marketers and sales people. I am prepared to be different and to make personal sacrifices in service of the Tribal Seduction™ Code, my Tribe and my Loyals. As I join other entrepreneurs, marketers and politicians courageous enough to follow the path of the Tribal Seducer, I know that is what will make me worthy to reap BIG rewards.

    Persona: I have faith that I have all I need to succeed in my unique God-given talents and abilities. I understand that I attract, connect with, and convert my Tribe by being "real." I will constantly seek the best ways to correct deficiencies and improve my communication and connection effectiveness to bond with my Tribe.

    Responsibility: I will take personal responsibility in discovering the wants, needs and dreams of my Tribe. I will responsibly apply all Tribal Seduction™ formulas and principles. By doing this I will remove barriers for prospects and convert customers into raving fans.

    Largess: I will be generous in mind, money and material so far as my resources allow. I understand that largess used in this way counters gluttony.

    Nobility: I will seek to build an admirable character by holding true to the virtues and duties of a Tribal Seducer. I realize that some ideals may not be attained. But by striving towards them I will ennoble my spirit and grow my character. I understand nobility also has the tendency to influence others, so I commit to offering a compelling example of what can be done in the service of rightness.

When you emulate everything we’ve spoken of here as sincerely as possible, you will stand head and shoulders above the crowd. Don’t restrict your exploration of Tribal Seduction™ to business only. Seek to infuse every aspect of your life with these qualities.

When you succeed in even a tiny measure then you will be well remembered for your quality and virtue.

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