We’ve all been told the virtues of having hope all our lives. God! We’ve bombarded with it this campaign season in the US. But hope is a scam. And it’s one you better understand if you’re going to succeed… in business and in life. Strap yourself in cause we’re going way beyond marketing today.

You’ve probably heard it said that hope is the only thing you can have when facing a crisis. I say BS! Yeah, yeah… blasphemy. I know, I know. Send your letters and emails to….

But follow me here for a minute. It WILL change your business…and your life!

What I just said flies in the face of all you hold as “true.” But where did that belief come from. You or someone else?

For example, over the last 6-months we’ve been bombarded through the media by a “message of hope” from one presidential candidate. The campaign has been a textbook application of Tribal Seduction principles magnified by mainstream media. Now many people think “hope” is the answer. And that is dangerous.

Obama the messiah and the message of hope

Dangerous! Hope!? Why?

Well, what is hope? Has it ever done one bit of good?

No! Hope is a “wish” for something. A wish that something will happen the way you want. But it could just as easily not. So hope is grounded in uncertainty, doubt, and fear.

Doubt me? Then “hope” the sun will come up tomorrow. “Hope” you’ll have enough money to pay your bills this month. “Hope” you’ll have good health tomorrow. “Hope” you don’t get hit by a car as you cross a street today.

How do you feel now? Like crap right?

Well, snap out of it…

Drop the hope and make it faith

Faith is grounded in absolute certainty. Faith is “knowing” that something is going to happen. You know it in your heart.

Hawaii sunrise, fatih in action

Look, as I sat here this morning watching the sun rise over the Pacific, I thought “what a difference from yesterday.” Yesterday started as a crappy day. As I started the day I was pounded by one problem after another. I was frustrated that we’re so close on a project, but yet there were seemingly insurmountable roadblocks in the way.

My focus was there, on my problems and frustration. All I could do is hope. And hope didn’t help me at all. Then Deb and I talked. As usual, spewing the crap that’s in my head out onto the floor acted like a mental diuretic. Only then was I able to drop the hope and muster up faith. And faith is what allowed me to take action.

It’s been said that faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains. No prophet, no Scripture, and certainly God never said that about hope.

If I stayed in the land of hope, I’d still be the same today. Sitting in the same state waiting for something magical to happen. Waiting for God, government or someone else to come and make something happen for me.

If you’re sitting there “hoping” for more business or a better life — it aint gonna happen.

No, the answer is faith in yourself. Faith in your family. Faith in your fellow citizens. Faith in God. These are the things that will give you the courage to act. And ACTION is the only thing that will change your life.

What will you choose?

I know the sun will come up tomorrow. I have faith in it. I know there will be enough money to pay the bills at the end of the month, because I have faith in my ability to give value and thereby generate cash. I have faith in it and can take it to the bank.

But I also have faith that most people are smart enough to make the shift from hope to faith, get the certainty they need, and take action to change their lives. Are you one of those people?

John Paul Micek is a co-founder of the international business coaching company RPM Success Group ® Inc. He and his partner Deborah Micek are authors of the hit book Secrets Of Online Persuasion, and creators of the BLOG i360™ New Media Marketing Site Creater.
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