OK, from all the feedback we’ve gotten from subscribers and clients — the new site name Tribal Seduction is a hit! And so is the focus on identifying, tracking, gathering, and profiting from Tribes within the New Media Marketplace.

Yet some people have been asking why we decided to not just take up the same topic over at Advanced Business Blogging. Well, to be perfectly honest, one big reason is that we feel the site has run it’s course.

The short story is that it just didn’t meet our long term strategy for helping business owners, marketers, and sales professionals like you really master the New Media Marketplace.

More specifically though, there are MAJOR advancements we wanted to make for you like:

    1. Every week some of the videos, podcasts, and posts here at Tribal Seduction will be part of our next book. We needed a site where members of the TS Tribe could actually be part of the book.

    2. We have a team of weekly guest contributors (all experts in areas of mass persuasion) lined up for Tribal Seduction. Plus regular contributors as well, “knights of the round table” you might say. Advanced Business Blogging was too closely brand associated with Deb and I personally.

    3. Advanced Business Blogging was way too restrictive of a site name. Sure there are many people interested in learning about blogging for business. But our coaching, consulting, and speaking engagements over the last 18-months have all been focused on helping business people develop complete “Mortar and New Media Marketing strategies.”

    The response to that unique blending of persuasion with technology has been very well received. If we’re going to help as many business people as we want, the entire Web experience needed to be upgraded.

    4. We want to expand on the New Media Marketing Matrix we reveal in the popular Pushbutton Persuasion course. That exposition would be ‘lost’ on Advanced Business Blogging.

    5. Our research and work with offline businesses and politicians has shown that there is an unbelievable potential for using New Media channels as a way to capitalize on the Tribal Marketplace. The ability to gather, serve, and seduce Tribes of hungry people is where the true wealth and power is. Tribes, Tribal Seduction, and the role of courtier must be the focus.

    6. A lot of the hype you hear about blogs, podcasts, and social networks really needs to be dragged into the light of reality. Helping business people profitably bask in this light would be hindered by a name like “Advanced Business Blogging.” It would seem hypocritical to expose the facts about blogging dangerous to business people there. Plus, the very people we are helping might likely be turned off by such a site name.

    7. Blogging (by technical terms) for business, no matter how “advanced,” seems like a lot of work to business people. With the release of our New Media Marketing system, BLOG i360, we needed a new platform to show how well it compliments Tribal Seduction strategies. After all — it’s the ONLY Web site that works FOR you!

    Associating BLOG i360 with Advanced Business Blogging would be like trying to associate a Gulfstream 550 with a lawn-mower-engine powered Prius. Both will get you across the country. But the Gulfstream does it in style. And it gets you to your destination in a tiny fraction of the time that the Prius could ever hope to achieve.

I could go on, but you get the idea. :-D

Bottom line is this…

If you are migrating over from Advanced Business Blogging, you’re going to feel right at home. You may feel a little stretched at first with some of the strategies covered here. But you’ll settle in quickly.

If you’re just being introduced to our team and these powerful strategies, joining the TS Tribe will bring you up to speed real quick!

In both cases — you are going to be simply blown away by the advantage you gain over your competitors.

With each new article, podcast, and video you’ll agree that this Web site is one of the most innovative and ground breaking expositions of online influence, persuasion, and seduction of the masses you will ever see!

From simple, practical, hands-on coaching; to strategic analysis and guidance — it all starts full speed next week! ;-)

John Paul Micek is a co-founder of the international business coaching company RPM Success Group ® Inc. He and his partner Deborah are authors of the hit book Secrets Of Online Persuasion and creators of the ONLY Web site that works FOR you; BLOG i360™. You can reach J.P. at [krazycapitalist@gmail.com]

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