Killer Keyword Research Tools & resources

This is the resource page for attendees of the Demystifying Killer Keywords teleclass. For maximum marketing impact and sales conversions the resources shared here are best used in conjunction with the complete Marketing-for-Life program by Tribal Seduction.

Free Keyword research Tools (basic)

The following are great free research tools to use. These are the keyword research tools you should start with before you consider moving on to paid keywrod research tools.

Good Keywords  A Windows software for researching the best keywords for your web pages. Use it to find profitable products and ideas, analyze your competition and check the progress of your web marketing and advertising efforts to ensure the best return on your investments (ROI). Good Keywords has a handy Keyword Database Manager for the Google Keyword Tool. In addition it also includes a Keyword Manager and a Site / Link Popularity Tool.

Google External Keyword Tool Although it's designed for use with their AdWords program, Google's team has this tool you can use to get extract new keyword ideas from seach data. 

A helpful orientation video on using Google's Keyword Tool

Free Keyword Research Tools (advanced)

These free Killer Keyword research tools are a little more advanced and provide a deeper level of insight. They are simple to use, so don't let the "advanced" term frighten you. They just require that you have a more advanced understanding of your niche audience, your Killer Keywords and your overall New Media/online marketing strategy.

Google Trends (used to spot long and short-term trending topics and related keywords)

Google Insights (an advanced free keyword research tool that allows you to drill down into and compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, time frames and properties.)

Google's new Wonder Wheel

Google recently released a new feature called the "Wonder Wheel" in their search area that will help you dig deeper into your niche and gain more insight. Watch this quick video to learn some of the ways you can start putting it to use in building your Killer Keyword list.

Paid Keyword Research Tool

The best PAID keyword research tool out there is Wordtracker. Wordtracker's leading-edge research tool gives you the keywords you need to rise above your competitors in search engine rankings.

They have a proprietary ranking system that shows you clearly what your competition is like for a given keyword. This is helpful for discovering untapped market niches, getting inspiration for new products, or creating compelling content that distinguishes your Hub Site from the pack.

The ONLY way to market effectively in the New Economy

Getting your killer Keyword list together is a great step in attracting the target audience you're looking for. But there is SO much more you need to do in order market and sell effectively using New Media in this New Economy we are now entering into. Listen to what Dr. Todd Fiegel has to say about the Marketing-for-Life program by Tribal Seduction.

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